Inside a home-turned-gallery café: A nomadic couple return to Stratford and launch the Fenton Street Arts Collective and distillery
Arts Collective Website stencils merro berry
Arts Collective Website stencils merro berry

We make our Gin 310 meters above sea-level because the aspirations for our product are that high.

It is genuinely hand-crafted in 48 litre batches: no rigid timings, no automatic cuts, our stills don’t have nick-names, our recycled bottles aren’t uniform, our labels aren’t machine applied, we’re not after accolades or awards, the journey and the people that come for the ride are the prize.

This is our craft, it is not unique, we just have a flair and passion for telling great stories with our Gin. It is filled with complexity, love, art and beauty.

Gin tastings available. Enquire here.