Inside a home-turned-gallery café: A nomadic couple return to Stratford and launch the Fenton Street Arts Collective and distillery
Arts Collective Website stencils merro berry
Arts Collective Website stencils merro berry

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Stories from my Grandmother

Constanza Briceno.I cover and re-cover the mistakes.I sort, match, and align the shapes and colours. I repeat forms in rows, in columns.I outline, I scrape, and repair.The collection "Stories by my grandmother" has been inspired by the unbelievable and magical but real stories that Uberlinda, my grandmother, used to tell us thousands of times after school.

’Maria Luque, a Patagonian land surveyor based in New Plymouth, as an artist and an expert in mapping, has developed techniques for taking any map and converting it into a three-dimensional look work of art. Some of her work related to Taranaki is on display here, but she also has an extensive collection of other pieces from all over New Zealand

Taranaki 100 Years Ago-The Story told by Maps

Reclaimed Achromia: Becky Dawson

Vintage monochrome moods complemented by vintage frames. Sustainability in photography has evolved in the digital age with less waste in chemical processing and my commitment to continuing this is displayed in the pre-used frames acquired from an archives source.

Party of Three: from 30 Nov.

The Watersons: a creative family show case their collective talents in different media: Painting, 3d sculpture and wood.

This Hawkes Bay artist, Lizzie Beere intertwines the abstract and the figurative, in her textured floral paintings and ceramic vessels. Drawn back to her late Father’s hometown of Stratford.


A Return Home: Lizzie Beer from 27th Oct

Free Life Drawing Sessions

Life Drawing running from 3.00pm to 5.00pm Sundays. Upstairs at Fenton Street Arts Collective. Bring your own materials.

Contact 02102992839 to register your interest as there are limited spaces.

If you are interested in becoming a paid life model please contact Jo - 0211870030

Supported by Creative Communities

Between exhibitions we have a photographic display of old Stratford. The larger photographs have been re-digitalised at Puke Ariki. This reveals details that had never been seen in the original photos as they were never enlarged.

These are a fascinating snapshot of Stratford and the landscape that dramatically transformed as bush was converted to pasture.

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