Inside a home-turned-gallery café: A nomadic couple return to Stratford and launch the Fenton Street Arts Collective and distillery
Arts Collective Website stencils merro berry
Arts Collective Website stencils merro berry

Wellington based, award winning photographer and artist Bronwen Key.

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Rhonda Bunyan: Photographer

"Touching the Soul"

These big bold black and white photographs touch the soul of Wellington, one of Bunyan's favourite spots to wander with her camera. They capture a wondrously bright and interesting and sometimes gritty and dark portrait of our capital city. Bunyan enjoys being the watcher, perched on the edge of someone else's reality looking in with a keen eye. Lines and shapes, light and dark, dominate her work.

Ross Whitlock

"The Taranaki Gate"

A set of paintings reflecting upon a remarkable province.

"The object of art is to give life shape" W. Shakespeare

For the month of April Fenton Street Gallery celebrates the Bard. Jo Stallard presents works inspired by some of the characters created by Shakespeare.  

Desdemona & O
This is a body of creative landscape photographs captured with Intentional Camera Movement.  Many of the images were taken from the passenger seat of  our Unimog camper as we travelled around New Zealand.  With this collection of work I wish to celebrate the wonderful diversity New Zealand has to offer. I also want to express my hope that all the people living within this unique land begin to feel as if we are together -  on this..."Our Land”
From Mountains to Sea


Four Wellington artists reclaim their passion for  art. Astonishing mark making and  painting. Joanne Sim, Lizzie Yates, Suzanne Willis & Linda Evangaline Smith

Free Life Drawing Sessions

Life Drawing running from 3.00pm to 5.00pm Sundays. Upstairs at Fenton Street Arts Collective. Bring your own materials.

Contact 02102992839 to register your interest as there are limited spaces.

If you are interested in becoming a paid life model please contact Jo - 0211870030

Supported by Creative Communities

Between exhibitions we have a photographic display of old Stratford. The larger photographs have been re-digitalised at Puke Ariki. This reveals details that had never been seen in the original photos as they were never enlarged.

These are a fascinating snapshot of Stratford and the landscape that dramatically transformed as bush was converted to pasture.

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