Fenton Arts Collective

We have THREE Coffee blends at Fenton Street:        

  • Fenton Street Espresso Blend
  • Single Origin Papua New Guinea
  • Fenton Street This is a blend of Papua New Guinea, Central American and Indonesian coffees. It is a medium roast with a rich sweet palate flavoured with soft spicy notes, nutmeg and cocoa.

Decaffeinated Coffee: We are delighted to be using Hawthorne Roasters, Colombian Swiss Water Decaf. Hawthorne Coffee Roastery is in Havelock North. It is the most awarded coffee house in New Zealand. This decaf is 100% chemical-free. This coffee won Silver 2008 and Gold 2012 at the New Zealand Coffee Awards.


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Fenton St Espresso Bar and Eating

Our coffee evolved from the quintessential New Zealand ethos of trial and error. We have strived to create the best hand crafted artisan blends. Of course we are too modest to say they are.We leave that to our customers. Roasted in small batches to ensure every bean has the perfect flavour profile. This gives our coffee consistency every time. Fenton Street Espresso Bar has the ambitious philosophy to be the choice of coffee for our discerning local, national and international consumers.



We have no muffins, scones, Panini, no deep fried or pastry pies. Our kitchen provides tasty sweets that are truly treats, many of which cater to the Gluten sensitive.

Lunches: A variety of cabinet food or our soup, salads or a Guinness beef casserole.

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Espresso and Eating