Fenton Arts Collective


Our Gin is hand-crafted in genuinely small batches. No rigid timings, no automatic cuts, our stills don’t have nick names, our recycled bottles aren’t uniform, our labels aren’t machine applied, we’re not after accolades or awards because the journey and the people that come for the ride are the reward. This is our craft, it’s not unique we just have a flair and passion for making great Gin.

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Fenton St Distillery

Fenton Street Distillery

What makes our Gin different?

Fenton Street Gin produce a gin not directed by science but by the subjectivity of sommeliers, botanists and Chefs.

We can't boast about big sale volumes, we talk quietly and modestly about our Gin.

Get in touch if you are interested in adding our gin to your collection.

The Vintner and The Artist GINS made the top 12 in Dish Magazine's best NZ gins. The judges 'sipped their way through 70 entries to find the finest examples in all of Aotearoa.' Check out the magazine for the full story.


Dish Magazine - Best NZ Gins