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Attachments: 15th Jan - 4th February extended

”The Whanganui-based artists featured in this exhibition are Keeley Eastwood (printmaking) and Bradley Mosen (photography).

The exhibition is loosely based on a general theme of ‘nostalgia’, with featured works touching on inner themes of: memory; emotional attachment to objects, people, animals, places and ways of life; processing how it feels to love something and yet have to let it go; yearnings for an older, simpler way of being  — as well as new life and new beginnings

AND Rhiannon Higgs 15th Jan - 4th February

Exploring the way in which we have built our lives, and how this has tangibly been represented through the elements of a home.


Now showing in the main gallery.

Rhonda Bunyan : Photographer. 5th Feb-11th March

"Touching the soul"

These big bold black and white photographs touch the soul of the Wellington, one of Bunyan’s favourite spots to wander with her camera. They capture a wondrously bright and interesting, and sometimes gritty and dark portrait of our capital city. Bunyan enjoys being the watcher, perched on the edge of someone else’s reality looking in with a keen eye. Lines and shapes, light and dark, dominate her work.                                                                                                                                                            



Artists showing include:

Mark Bellringer, Diane Stoppard, Jennifer Patterson,Elizabeth Harrison,Jenny Bielawski,Peter Riddering, Ross Whitlock, Tony Green,Sas Prestney Margaret Springett and the following:


Partial Bodies: Cherie Dodds & Jo Stallard

The Human form through life drawing. Selected works still showing

Mark Bellringer's Hills and Bridges

Still showing: a selection

John Crawford: Nature's Seasons in Classical Ceramic Forms & Lorna Woodd: Nature in Pastels.

Exhibition:  “Pas de Deux” Jo Stallard

Fenton Street Arts Collective. Upstairs

Using Shakespeare as the source, the series presents a unique interpretation of the relationships between the central couples from some of his well-known works.


Between exhibitions we have a photographic display of old Stratford.

The larger photographs have been re-digitalized at Puke-Ariki. This reveals details that had never been seen in the original photos as they were never enlarged.

These are a fascinating snapshot of Stratford and the landscape that dramatically transformed as bush was converted to pasture.

Life Drawing

Life Drawing running from 4-6pm Sundays Starting again the 17th February.

Bring your own materials.

Contact 02102992839 to register your

interest as there are limited spaces.

If you are interested in becoming a paid life model please contact Jo 0211870030

Supported by Creative Communities.