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Last year the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art Exhibited Iconic Guitars featuring Eddie Van Halen's "Frankenstein," Eric Clapton's "Blackie," and other legendary instruments.

Beginning on Friday 11th October, Fenton Street Arts Collective will be exhibiting the unique guitars of Richard Hide.

We believe they’re equal in mana to the legends because like them Richard’s are filled with passion and soul. ‘I took a joke as a serious challenge and proved a working guitar can be created from a toilet seat.’ Richard has also repurposed a beer crate, cigar box and a bed warmer to list just a few of his recreations. They all work and are ‘huge in fun’ he says.

From 3 string to genuine electro-acoustic guitars, Richard will be exhibiting at Fenton Street Arts Collective from 12th October.

All guitars are for sale.


Come and see how artists process ideas to create their work.

Featuring 5 local artists:

Murray Hill

Elizabeth Harrison

Paul Nickson

Donovan Gilgenberg

Kristina Watson


This is an exhibition for artists, students and lovers of art.

Process Exhibition

Unique Guitars

Between exhibitions we have a photographic display of old Stratford.

The larger photographs have been re-digitalized at Puke-Ariki. This reveals details that had never been seen in the original photos as they were never enlarged.

These are a fascinating snapshot of Stratford and the landscape that dramatically transformed as bush was converted to pasture.

Please see the schedule below:

5 poses x 2 minutes

2 poses x 5 minutes

3 poses x 10 minutes

Break 15 minutes

1 pose x 20 minutes

2 poses x 10 minutes

$10 per person

Join us in a relaxed informal atmosphere for a 2-hour untutored life drawing session with a model. Limited places available. Register to secure your place. Draw, paint, bring whatever you wish: pencil, charcoal, watercolour, ink, pastels, it's up to you - no rules! Each session begins with warm-up short poses of two minutes, which are then followed by a series of 5-20 minute poses.

Life Drawing