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Now showing in main gallery: John Crawford: Nature's Seasons in Classical Ceramic Forms & Lorna Woodd: Nature in Pastels.


Up coming Exhibitions: Jo Stallard & Cherie Dodds: Figurative works 2Oct - 22nd Oct

Michaela Stoneman: Printmaker 23rd Oct - 19 Nov.

An Exhibition of




Exhibition:  “Pas de Deux” Jo Stallard

Fenton Street Arts Collective.

Using Shakespeare as the source, the series presents a unique interpretation of the relationships between the central couples from some of his well-known works.


Pre -Lockdown exhibitor, Auckland photographic artist Simeon Patience is still showing his large, serenely beautiful works of “Our Land”.

Photographs of monumental beauty.

Selection still showing upstairs at Fenton Street.

Simeon Patience  “Our Land”

Stuart Tullet Morris is a young Taranaki artist and musician now based in Wellington.

After gaining a diploma in Art and Creativity he has experimented with a variety of media including experimental film, ceramics and printmaking.

While he is not making music with his band he is producing these dynamic, ebullient paintings. His works hark back to the early years of modern art where artists like Braque, Picasso and the Fauvists broke away from the traditional academic art forms and began to experiment with the emotional impact of colour and line.

Stuart’s pastoral landscapes are peopled with figures dancing and playing music all described in vivid colour.

Selection of the exhibition still showing.

Stuart Tullet Morris

Colour in “Abundance”

Between exhibitions we have a photographic display of old Stratford.

The larger photographs have been re-digitalized at Puke-Ariki. This reveals details that had never been seen in the original photos as they were never enlarged.

These are a fascinating snapshot of Stratford and the landscape that dramatically transformed as bush was converted to pasture.

Life Drawing

Life Drawing running from 4-6pm Sundays

upstairs. $10 in the hat for the model on

the day.Bring your own materials.

Contact 02102992839 to register your


If you are interested in becoming a life

model please contact Jo 02102992839